What's in the database

The AT-node for Access database contains data from the 39 articles in our systematic review of research on access interfaces, published in Assistive Technology.

Inclusion Criteria

We searched 10 databases and included studies in which: typing speed was reported in words per minute or equivalent; the access interface was available for public use; and individuals with physical impairments were in the study population. We used only the text entry rates reported for individuals with physical impairments; studies also had to report the sample size, and the average and standard deviation for the text entry rate data.

Full details on the inclusion criteria and conduct of the systematic review can be found in the Assistive Technology manuscript. To see the 39 studies in a spreadsheet form, visit our public data sheet.

Adding to the database

We'll continue to add to the database over time as new research is published. Additionally, we may include unpublished data in the future, e.g., measurements taken by a practitioner during a computer access assessment, as a supplement to published studies. If you have suggestions about data that should be included, please contact us.

Are you a researcher who would like to add your research to the database?

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